As written in the unchanging Word of God of #Psalm55 so I pray:

O God, listen to my prayer,
do not hide from my pleading,
attend to me and reply;
with my cares, I cannot rest.
For I can see nothing but violence
and strife in the city.
Night and day they patrol
high on the city walls.
It is full of wickedness and evil;
it is full of sin.
Its streets are never free
from evil and deceit.
As for me, I will cry to God
and the Lord will save me.
Evening, morning and at noon
I will pray and lament.
He (my God) will deliver my soul in peace
in the attack against me;
for those who fight me are many,
but he (my God) hears my voice.
God will hear and will humble them
I pass a #decree over you and your family:
-May the Lord deliver you from every evil by day and by night, in Jesus name.
-I declare spiritual and physical paralysis over any machination or satanic manipulation projected towards you, in Jesus name...
-And I liberate you now from any demonic influence and witchcraft manipulation, in Jesus name.
If you want me to pray for you specially, send a WhatsApp Message. God bless you.

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