Have you ever been caught in the web of making a choice between two or more good options like marriage suitors, job appointments, business ideas, etc, and whatever choice you make will have a lasting impact on your life, then this message is for you! Several times I have received calls from people confronted with this difficulty and after following the spiritual principles outlined in this writeup the perfect option is revealed to them to the glory of God. 
Do you know the Apostles of Jesus faced this problem when they had to elect a replacement for Judas Iscariot and they followed this never failing principle? On this day I shall take you through this spiritual principle that never fails. Before anything else, read slowly....

Acts 1:15-17, 20-26
One day Peter stood up to speak to the brothers: ‘Brothers, the passage of scripture had to be fulfilled in which the Holy Spirit, speaking through David, foretells the fate of Judas, who offered himself as a guide to the men who arrested Jesus – after having been one of our number and actually sharing this ministry of ours. Now in the Book of Psalms it says: Let someone else take his office. 
We must therefore choose someone who has been with us the whole time that the Lord Jesus was travelling round with us, someone who was with us right from the time when John was baptising until the day when he was taken up from us – and he can act with us as a witness to his resurrection.’ Having nominated two candidates, Joseph known as Barsabbas, whose surname was Justus, and Matthias, they prayed, ‘Lord, you can read everyone’s heart; show us therefore which of these two you have chosen to take over this ministry and apostolate, which Judas abandoned to go to his proper place.’ They then drew lots for them, and as the lot fell to Matthias, he was listed as one of the twelve apostles.
Matthias or Justus
1. The Apostles of Jesus needed someone to take the position of Judas, and they had before them two good choices: Matthias and Joseph (Barsabas). They made nominations following Divine standards, then they Prayed because they needed Divine approval and guidance, before casting lot/election (Choosing).

2. For any of our choices to receive Divine approval we must learn, like the Apostles, to nominate or make choices that does not contradict Divine standards. How do I know whether my choices pass Divine standards, you ask me?
3. If you wish to know, ask yourself the following questions:
a. This idea/thing/person I am choosing is it True, Holy and does it spring from Love not emotions, biases or sentiments?
b. Is it a Need(necessity) or Want (mere desires)? 

4. The Bible says: Lord my heart is not proud, nor hauty my eyes; I have not gone after things too great not marvels beyond me (Ps.131:1). Another scripture says: I will not set my eyes on worthless things (Ps.101:3). And so any idea/thing in your choice that is not based on True knowledge, Love and Eternal qualities but are based on false or unclear knowledge, emotions (usually not reasonable) because it springs from the lower aspect of man, pride (in order "to show off"), or changing qualities are NOT good choices and will definitely fail or not last. 
5. Finally after selecting those that pass Divine Standards, you must then pray about it asking for a Divine sign from God (something tangible) to guide your choice. For this reason the Bible says: commit your plans to God, and your work shall be established (Prov 16:3), and elsewhere it is written "take delight in the Lord and He shall grant your heart's desire (Ps 37:4).
TASK: Pray Psalm 17 now asking the Lord to always lead you in making your choices. If you have suitors, job opportunities or several ideas and proposals, and you are caught in the dilemma of choice making,  use all the names, variables or ideas to pray for 9 days. On each day of this Prayer (which you shall pray with Psalm 17) spend 10 minutes of meditation on each name or idea or variables using the Spiritual exercise in No. 3 above. 
If it's the choice of a life partner, praye the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th hours of the POWERFUL SET-TIME DELIVERANCEPRAYER for 9 days, and by 12 midnight pray Psalm 17 do your meditation for 10 minutes. 
I pray for you: May the Lord you whose face you seek not hide his face from you (Ps. 27:8) but show you his light and salvation. Amen.

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