Summoning means to authorize or order something or a gathering to do something specified. In law, it means to call or notify one to appear at a specified place. When employed in prayer, it means to 'rouse one's self' to exert spiritual authority over someone or something causing them to do some specified thing.

This prayer is composed to help Christians who are already equipped with faith and God's protection to address ugly situations, strongholds by speaking to it and commanding it to obey holy desires. And so if you are not spiritually prepared (free from mortal sins) DON'T attempt this prayer.
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Before you begin, You need:
a. Holy Water 
b. White Candles (9)
c. Crucifix (a cross with the image of Jesus crucified)
b. Holy Bible and Holy rosary

a. This prayer is more of a prayer of the mind done with faith and 'holy anger' hence it is not based on "shouting with loud voice" but must be prayed from the depths of your mind and heart. Let the meaning of every word strike you from the heart and mean every word or phrase and visualise everything happening as you say the words.
b. This prayer is a Novena (pray it for 9 days). Light a candle and place it on a standard or Altar for each day. On the 9th day you shall have nine candles lighted.
c. Place the crucifix on the standard or Altar.
d. Pray 5 decades of the Holy rosary after the summons.
e. Sprinkle Holy Water on yourself, (others if any) and your environment saying: by this Holy Water I sanctify this place and take spiritual and physical control over every element of creation around me: air, water, stone, trees, rivers and seas in Jesus name.

2. Begin with the sign of the Cross
In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. AMEN

Invocation Prayers:
I invoke your Power O God, Father, Son and Spirit from the four winds of the Earth. As your Word says in Ps. 68:1- when the Lord arises all His enemies are scattered. I invoke the heavenly hosts to assist me as I begin this spiritual battle: Mary and the legion of Angels! 

I invoke you oh Mary, you who scripture describes in Song of Songs 6:10 as the woman that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun and terrible as an Army set in battle array! You whom scripture says in Genesis 3:15 as the one that crushes the head of the ancient serpent! Come now and fight this battle for me! 

I invoke you Archangel Michael, you who scripture describes in Joshua 5:14 as commander of God's army, come with your  flaming sword and fight this battle for me!

I invoke you archangel Raphael, come with your sweet smelling incense and drive away every demonic forces from this environment (Tobit 12:15).

I invoke you angel Gabriel, bring me good tiding, good news and revelations (Lk 1:26–27)
3. Now begin the Summoning with rousing 'inciting yourself to be angry in spirit':
Lord you said in Psalm 8:6: You created man and gave him Dominion over the works of your hands and you put all things under his feet. I take authority on your Word now and take charge of the air, the land the soil, the trees and every elemental spirits. I place them now under my rule now. Hear you the Word of God now work  according to my wishes and desires! 

Your word says in Psalm 18:34- you have trained my hands for battle and my arms to bend the heavy bow. I take authority on this Word now and enter into battle with any elemental force, evil spirit, demonic forces and deities (mention names if you know any) and I defeat them in Jesus name. 

I connect physically and spiritually to my environment and to my family and challenge any deity, demon or elemental spiritual forces, marine spirits manifesting as...(mention names if any) that disturbs and manipulates my life (or my family). 

Whatever you have tied with shackles or chains, I command it be broken now in Jesus name. I summon you here now (repeat 3x) by the power in the blood of Jesus and pin you on the ground for nothing can resist the voice of God (Judith 16:14) for the because the voice of God is full of power! (Ps 29:4)
(Then take your Bible and start pray Psalm 68)
For the word of God says in Psalm 68:1 when the Lord arises His enemies are scattered...(continue praying the psalm pausing and repeating 3 times any phrase or word that touches you.)

After pray the Psalms for battle of the night (Psalms 109 & 35)
4. Download our SET-TIME PRAYERS
As scripture says "seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws" (Ps 119:164). 
You may also need additional prayers to sanctify the hours of the day and connect to miracles and Divine visitations. These SET-TIME PRAYERS ordered after seven miraculous hours of the day will help connect to God's presence and experience transformations, protection and favours.
God bless you as you encounter God in this cult of prayer.

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