Keep Working
Living a holy life could be difficult in our world today: if you manage to overcome the self or internal vices, the external ones are waiting patiently. Sometimes, the external temptations could be so discouraging leaving you with the thought that you're wasting your time and left with no other choice than to give up! But is that enough reason to give up?
On this 25th day of our Lenten observance the Lord draws our attention to the untiring and unending work of the Father, which necessitates our duty as creatures never to be tired even when trials and discouragement increase. Do you know that the only 'language' persecution understands is 'doing more good works'? If this is too deep to understand continue reading slowly...

Cf John 5:17-30
Jesus said to the Jews, ‘My Father goes on working, and so do I.’ But that only made them even more intent on killing him, because, not content with breaking the sabbath, he spoke of God as his own Father, and so made himself God’s equal.To this accusation Jesus replied: ‘I tell you most solemnly, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees the Father doing: and whatever the Father does the Son does too...
1. Living around fault-finders or around haters could be devastating. Nothing you say or do is right. Jesus, who have been marked for healing a sick man on the sabbath, enters another trouble because he calls God his Father. If his haters were almost forgetting his past action, he reawakens their anger by doing another good! Isn't this a deliberate act of causing troubles? Since Jesus knew he had enemies around why didn't he maintain his cool and avoid them, you ask?

2. Yes, Child of God, when you are doing something good and profitable prudence is the watch word. But you cannot use persecution and attack as a reason to stop. How do you show perseverance if not by continuously doing the good things you should do? Only by this can we prove we are motivated from within and not from the external. In fact the only language persecution understands is 'doing more good works' for that is what our master Jesus teaches us: since the Father goes on working, so does he! That becomes our mantra as long as the Lord lives and works, I shall keep on working! No one can stop me! Nothing can limit me! That is the only way to stay positive and motivated.
3. And so I ask: are you becoming weary of doing those good things you used to do because you don't feel encouraged to do it anymore, or because you are attacked for doing things right? Listen what the Lord says in Isaiah 49:8-9:
At the favourable time I will answer you, on the day of salvation I will help you. I will restore the land and assign you the estates that lie waste. I will say to the prisoners, ‘Come out’, to those who are in darkness, ‘Show yourselves.’
This promise is not just a message of consolation for our patriarchs (the Israelites) in exile, but a message of encouragement for us today assuring of God's help at a favourable time. Lent is a favourable time as we usually sing in the hymns. Make the most out of this season.
TASK: Say to any voice of discouragement or fear that comes to you: The word of God says in Isaiah 49:15: The Lord has not abandoned me, for He says He will not forget me! You evil voice get behind me now in Jesus name. No one can stop me! God bless you. 

May St Patrick (second patron of Nigeria) intercede for us all. Amen.

Say a word of prayer for me today as I celebrate my Priestly Ordination Anniversary.  God bless you. Amen.

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