LET YOUR SILENCE SHOCK THEM|Wednesday Holy Week|Day 37

Do you know that many problems could be averted by just being silent. Sometimes those seeking your downfall may deliberately provoke you, inciting you to speak and expecting your reaction that they may find something indicting against you.
During an exorcism session a demon possessing a woman revealed to me how it does not have 'moral rights' to harm the priest assisting me. According to the demon, during the burial ceremony of a little lad whom it killed, the priest preached extensively against witchcraft and he (the wizard) was present and was very angry with the priest but couldn't hurt him because all he said was true.

In this week of the passion of Jesus, the Lord teaches us crisis management- how to manage our emotions in moments of crises. If you're interested to know, read slowly...

Isaiah 50:4-9
The Lord has given me a DISCIPLE’S TONGUE. So that I may know how to REPLY to the wearied, he provides me with SPEECH. Each morning he wakes me to HEAR, to LISTEN like a disciple. The Lord has OPENED my EAR. For my part, I made no resistance, neither did I turn away. I offered my back to those who struck me, my cheeks to those who tore at my beard; I did not cover my face against insult and spittle. The Lord comes to my help, so that I am UNTOUCHED BY the INSULTS. So, too, I set my face like flint; I know I shall not be shamed. My vindicator is here at hand. Does anyone start proceedings against me? Then let us go to court together. Who thinks he has a case against me? Let him approach me.The Lord is coming to my help, who will dare to condemn me?
1. We see the fulfilment of these prophetic verses of "the suffering servant of Yahweh" in the person of Jesus who like an innocent lamb was led to the slaughter-house, and without using hurtful words, offered himself. Christ did it for us not only that we be saved but may learn how to manage our emotions in moments of crises as well. 
2. Sometimes those seeking your downfall may consciously provoke you with words or actions and expecting your reaction that they may find something indicting against you. Some other times it may be a test to know your temperament before you are upgraded to some higher position. Your reaction produces the judgement used for or against you. In any of these cases, the power of silence cannot be overemphasised.
3. Today the Lord gives us  two (2) qualities we must possess to overcome tests as these: 
a. A disciples tongue to speak words that edify: the tongue, though small is very powerful (Jas 3:3-6). It can kill and give life as well (Pro 18:21). Hence the bible warns in Psalm 34:13: 
keep your tongue from speaking evil and your lips from telling lies because "it can set your whole life on fire, for it is set on fire by hell itself. (Jas 3:6)
b. A disciple's ear to listen more and speak less: no wonder at infant baptism the priest says the prayer of Ephphatha (be opened) after the actual baptism that we be open to hear the Word of God clearly and speak it fluently.
4. Once you do these, no tribunal of judgement (physical or spiritual) can be against you. Hence during arrests you are told: 'you have the rights to remain silent or anything you say could be used against you in the court of law.' As it operates in daily court proceedings, so also it is in the spiritual realm. Therefore I teach: in the spirit one can be sued, accused or condemned. Hence liberation, deliverance and exorcisms are like tribunal processes where one with superior arguments wins the case. Who can contend with the Lord in the council of holy ones? He is a God to be feared, holy and mighty! If God be for you, who can be against you? No one can condemn you!
TASK: Pray Psalm 89:1-17 now as I pray for you:
I refute any accusations of the enemy (whether physical or spiritual) against you and declare it null and void- it shall not prosper in Jesus name. Amen

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  1. Amen. This speaks to me as I see myself, sometimes wanting to respond at some words thrown at me. May God give me a disciple’s ear and tongue. Amen

    1. Amen to your prayers. God bless you for your sincere review.


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