HAVE MEN WRITTEN YOU OFF? | Saturday 4th week of Lent | Day 28

Tensions heighten, there's wickedness everywhere. These cannot happen without human actors. We all play a role, either active or passive roles. Active roles, when we concoct or fuel evil, or passive roles when we don't condemn evil or refuse to speak up. 
On this 27th day of our Lenten observance the Lord calls us to examine our contribution to the evils in the world. It is self deceit when for religious sentiments we flee evil or fuel it, or for diplomatic reasons, we abate evil without proper negotiations. If this is too deep, continue reading slowly...

Jeremiah 11:18-20
The Lord revealed it to me; I was warned. O Lord, that was when you opened my eyes to their scheming. I for my part was like a trustful lamb being led to the slaughter-house, not knowing the schemes they were plotting against me, ‘Let us destroy the tree in its strength, let us cut him off from the land of the living, so that his name may be quickly forgotten!’ But you, the Lord of Hosts, who pronounce a just sentence, who probe the loins and heart, let me see the vengeance you will take on them, for I have committed my cause to you.

1. The bible passage you just read reveals the anguish of prophet Jeremiah and the plot against his life. He complains to God after knowing the plots against him. Who are those plotting against him, you ask me? The Priests of the temple and other influential persons in Israel plot against Jeremiah because he speaks up against the religious formalism and oppression of his time. 
Like Jeremiah who was written off, Jesus faced the same fate. Men debated about him. Some 'wrote him off' while others stayed up late at night plotting how to arrest or bring him down. Even those who believe him are not bold enough to speak for him: 
"Several people who had been listening to Jesus said, ‘Surely he must be the prophet’, and some said, ‘He is the Christ’, but others said, ‘Would the Christ be from Galilee? Does not scripture say that the Christ must be descended from David and come from the town of Bethlehem?’ So the people could not agree about him. Some would have liked to arrest him, but no one actually laid hands on him." - Cf John 7:40-52
2. In all of these, even those who liked Jesus or Jeremiah could not speak up or stand for him. In the case of Jesus, Nicodemus was being diplomatic for fear of condemnation:
One of them, Nicodemus – the same man who had come to Jesus earlier – said to them, ‘But surely the Law does not allow us to pass judgement on a man without giving him a hearing and discovering what he is about?’ To this they answered, ‘Are you a Galilean too? Go into the matter, and see for yourself: prophets do not come out of Galilee.’ - Cf John 7:40-52
3. Have men written you off thinking nothing good can come from you, and so you should either be eliminated or disparaged? Listen child of God, men may not understand you; or write you off because of your origin, race, tribe, qualities, etc, but God knows you and will raise you up to their shame and disgrace!
TASK: Remember in evil plot you have a role: active or passive, and that role will count for or against you depending on how you acted. Evil is a tool- when in the hand of a good man, it brings about some good the way God permits some evil to bring forth some good. If it's in the hands of an evil person, no good spring up! Let's learn today to 'dialogue and engage' evil headlong never running away! God bless you. Amen

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