WOE TO ME IF I DO NOT PREACH THE GOSPEL. Prayer Reflection for 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B.

Every authentic work of evangelism comes with its challenges and fruits as well. Yesterday I had my share: I received a threatening message on my facebook page, from a demoniac who (in her own words) said: "I was sent from the underworld to pull down strong men of God like you." As I tried to inquire how she knew me, she responded that she recognised me spiritually from my picture which informed her I was powerful. And as I prayed at midnight the Holy Spirit revealed to me that she was sent to bring me down because of my recent messages that exposes them. With the attacks I faced online recently from men and demons alike, it became clearer to me that the evil one is out to stop my work of E-evangelisation. Responding to this challenge I said like St Paul, woe to me if I do not preach the gospel (1Cor 9, 16). Have you asked yourself why 'casting out of devils' forms a major part the ministry of Jesus? I will reveal to you from the wealth of my experience in deliverance ministry. If you wish to know read slowly...

cf Mark 1:29-39
That evening, after sunset, they brought to him all who were sick and those who were possessed by devils. The whole town came crowding round the door, and he cured many who were suffering from diseases of one kind or another; he also cast out many devils, but he would not allow them to speak, because they knew who he was.In the morning, long before dawn, he got up and left   house, and went off to a lonely place and prayed there. Simon and his companions set out in search of him, and when they found him they said, ‘Everybody is looking for you.’ He answered, ‘Let us go elsewhere, to the neighbouring country towns, so that I can preach there too, because that is why I came.’ And he went all through Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and casting out devils.
Child of God, in his ministry, Jesus on casted out devils in order to show that:

1. Satan is real and his cleverest scheme is to deceive us in thinking that he doesn't exist: Sadly, many today have fallen for this cheap hoax that have befallen humanity. Many argue blindly saying if you cannot sufficiently prove the existence of God, then that of the devil is impossible! Then they conclude that the devil is a myth dreamed up because people needed someone to blame for their own failings. (To know more about this scheme of the devil click the link to read my work titled THE DEVIL DOES NOT EXIST:NEW MILLENIUM DECEPTION). The devil exists not for those who believe in God alone, or for preachers in order to scare their congregation. No! The devil does exist, and they manifest clearly in their agents (those possessed) or appear as beasts or take form of animals or objects to manifest their presence. The girl who chatted me on my facebook page was possessed by some marine demons who charged her to bring me down by seducing me because I am threat to them, she said. I will publish soon a catalogue of my conversation with the demon. Expect it.
Yes satan is real, but is also a defeated foe. By the death and resurrection of Jesus, sin and death, hell and satan were conquered, and someday this victory will be complete in us. And so to combat and defeat this creature (and his agents) who have just some time left, whom the bible identifies as "murderer and liar" (John 8:44), Jesus teaches the path of Truth and righteousness; and He summoned his apostles to do same, giving them authority to cast out devils (Mk 6,7-13). Therefore authentic evangelism must manifest in teaching the TRUTH contained in the WORD OF GOD and RIGHTEOUSNESS which are the WEAPONS for dispelling every evil. 
2. Relationship between worldliness (sin) and the devil: There is a strong relationship between worldliness and the devil and this is well represented in the second temptation of Christ where the devil tempts him to throw himself off the pinnacle (Matt 4, 5-7). But the world makes you see worldliness as improved humanity. The goal of worldliness is to give you false notions of progress: it takes you to a false height and leaves you to crashland. No wonder today worldliness is celebrated and is seen as 'descent' way of earning a living. For instance pornography and stripper is regarded as art, and its performers are called actors, equalling them to movie actors. 
Today strange ideologies of humanism are championed by people who call themselves LGBTQ-communities and propagate a false notion of love, to the extent an unsuspecting christian could join in their "love the world" mantra without knowing they are promoting extreme egoism and perversions. They claim God, and by extension love is queer; and that the world/nature created by God is queer. Hence the fingers are sign that God created 5 sexual orientations. But is this true? Certainly No! (Click here to see my critique of these views).
For this reason Jesus warns about the voices in the world which he calls 'the cares of the world and the false hopes of riches and other desires' (Mk 4, 8-19) as things that Satan suggests to us (Mk 4, 15) in order to choke the Word of truth in us making us produce nothing, but unrighteousness. 

TASK:  To resist the whims and caprices of the devil, the bible charges us in James 4:7 to first submit ourselves to God, and then we can resist him, and he will flee from you . And so submit yourself now by praying Psalm 37,7-17 now. God bless you. Amen

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