Some time ago during a counselling session someone shared with me how sometimes she hears either footsteps behind her, voices speaking to her or perceives the smell of perfumes whenever she is alone either on a lonely road or while working in the house; and she asked: Could this be my guardian angel? I replied with a question: Whenever this happens are you filled with fear/terror that you feel like running away from where you are? And she replied: Yes! Then I said: The things you sensed are not from your Guardian Angel but a demon! We prayed, the experience seized and she was surprised! Are you surprised too? Read slowly
Exodus 23:20-23
The Lord says this: ‘I myself will send an angel before you to guard you as you go and to bring you to the place that I have prepared. Give him reverence and listen to all that he says. Offer him no defiance; he would not pardon such a fault, for my name is in him. If you listen carefully to his voice and do all that I say, I shall be enemy to your enemies, foe to your foes. My angel will go before you.’

1. These words should fill you with RESPECT, inspire DEVOTION and instil CONFIDENCE: Respect for the presence of angels (Obey always the voice of your Angel inspiring you to do good), Devotion because of their loving service, and Confidence because of their protection.

2. Your guardian angels will never cause you TERROR/FEAR for these are tools of manipulation of the DEVIL because fear springs from Emotion (Lower aspect of man) and not REASON (Higher aspect of man).
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TASK: Get rid of all negative energies around you: evil thoughts, immoral objects- clothes, pictures, videos, books, etc. for these repels God's Angels and attracts demons around you for they are filthy and demons love filthy places, environment or souls.

PRAY NOW, invoke the presence of God and his angels: Angel of God my guardian dear, to whom God's love commit me here ever this day be at my side to light and guide to rule and guard. Amen.
IF YOU HEAR STRANGE VOICES telling you to do any evil act such as suicide, revenge, to indulge inordinate affections such as lesbinism and homosexuality, rough sex such as rape or bondage or to take hard drugs or mutilate others repeat these words 7 times: 
I take authority in the name of Jesus and I command you evil thoughts and evil voice telling me to do...(imagine the tone of the voice and mention the particular evil things the voice tells you to do) hear you the Word of God as Jesus rebukes you in Matthew 16:23,  so I rebuke you now: "Get behind me satan" (repeat this 7 times) and as St. Michael the Archangel rebukes you in Jude 1:9, so I rebuke you now, out of my life, I silence your voice to never disturb me again in Jesus name. Amen
I Pray for you: May your Guardian Angels never depart from your side: I minister Ps.121:4 over you: They shall stay at your side as your shade; the sun shall not heat you by day nor the moon at night! No pestilence that flies by day or that which prowls in darkness will touch you in Jesus name! Amen.

© Fr. SimOne Madu, OSJ

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  1. Thank you fr Simon you are indeed a true servant of the most ghig God

    1. God bless you dear. And Thanks for finding the wisdom of God here.

  2. The message was clear and understandable with a wonderful meaning

  3. Amen. Thanks padre. This is enriching.


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