THE POWER OF THE GOOD: Forgiveness and Love as weapons against enemies

One of Jesus' difficult teachings is that of forgiveness and love for enemies. Many ask me how can I love someone who hurts me, who destroys my image before others?  How can I pray for these people?  What kind of prayers should I pray for them. If you wish to know then read slowly:


(Luke 6:27-30)
Jesus said to his disciples: ‘I say this to you who are listening: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who treat you badly. To the man who slaps you on one cheek, present the other cheek too; to the man who takes your cloak from you, do not refuse your tunic. Give to everyone who asks you, and do not ask for your property back from the man who robs you. Treat others as you would like them to treat you. 

1. It is difficult but not impossible. In fact Jesus gives us the example: He prayed for his enemies on the cross and forgave Peter who denied him three times. Learn from Jesus, and think positively.
2. God's Word wants us to fight evil with good and not with evil because there is a strong power in good. Good is good for the person who is good, but it is fire for the bad person.  This is why the Book of Proverbs 25:22 says that the good done to the evil person is like fire on his head.

3. Jesus, who tell us these, practiced it: he did not deny good things to Judas who betrayed him, but gave him the gift of the priesthood like other Apostles, and the gift of his body and blood. But Scripture says in John 13:27 that as soon as Judas received the piece of bread, Satan entered him and it became night. This is because the heart of Judas was full of evil against Jesus, hence instead of receiving blessing he received condemnation.

4. This shows that God does not leave the righteous person at the mercy of his enemies but protects his rights and his life. Therefore  child of God, let us serve the Lord in holiness and he will deliver us from all our enemies.

TASK: Henceforth make it a point of duty to pray for the enemy, and do not deny them any good. [Click Here and learn How to pray for that enemy and pay particular attention to number 5]. The Good is the only "poison" for that hardened enemy who has refused to repent. The Good (forgiveness and love) is your weapon of destruction.

©Fr. SimOne Madu, OSJ


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