A lot of things have happened recently, many of which have attracted public attention both locally and internationally. How many can we address: is it the Present pandemic (Covid-19) and the conspiracy theories behind it; and the corruption by trying to tag every sickness during this period as Covid-19? Is it the 5G trade war? Is it the HashTag Black lives Matter? Is it the menace of rape, ritual killings, kidnapping and abductions, terrorism, and insurgency that plagues many African nations, especially Nigeria? Is it the high rate of internet fraud and shameless display by politicians as they loot public funds even "before the spy camera" and in Public? 

The news media: radio, television, the internet is flooded by these evils. We are bombarded uncontrollably by these evil data whenever we tune in or log on to the media through any platform. We subscribe to the internet and cable TV in order to recreate, relax, and communicate but instead, we are emotionally and psychologically traumatized by the evil data that flow to us from the media.

These realities remind me of what the famous Scientist Scientist Albert Einstein once said that relates to our present situation: "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with Sticks and Stones", he said. By this, he believed that World War III would be so devastating that civilization, as we know it today, would be gone!

We are already in that war today as you read this! A war that shall be fought with Nuclear weapons, Biological weapons (using bacteria and viruses), Chemical Weapons, Technological weapons (using Artificial Intelligence (A.I) to control robots, weapons, and Media).

The A.I of social media has been flooded with a lot of evil data that I dare to say that it is by default susceptible to evil data. Evil news sells faster than good news! Many of the evils exhibited today among the younger generation: Rape, Pornography, Disordered Sexuality and Sexual Orientations (LGBTQ), Terrorism, Insurgency, Drug abuse, Prostitution,  Promiscuity, Internet Fraud, Piracy, etc are sold directly or indirectly on the media. 
Hence the media which is a useful tool, a friend and companion of man since its invention and various innovations, have now become an enemy that should be avoided! A traitor that has turned against its friends leading humanity to destruction.
Therefore, I create a challenge today, a HashTag  Challenge: #TheFriendYouShouldAvoid 
by way of combating the evil data on social media and media generally.

So I urge you, as you read this piece take up the challenge and join this Data war! Fight back by flooding the media from all platforms with good data. Let's work together to block these waves and streams that flow uncontrollably to us and save humanity from moral and existential decay; by letting our collective good data put the A.I under moral control. Remember the maxim: Work and Pray! Let's pray and Let's work.

This write-up was highly inspired by the Word of God in Psalm 55:20"The Traitor has turned against his friends he has broken his word..." Together let's get rid of the traitor!

● Fr. SimOne Madu,OSJ 

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  1. Beautiful piece of work.
    It's so educative and enlightened.
    God bless you the most Padre


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