Does this question reflect the trouble in your heart? I know how painful and heartbreaking it can be seeing 'your mates' and your 'younger ones' get married and start a family while you are yet to find your bearing. Sometimes these 'persons' deliberately whine you or even mock you with question like: when are you getting married? Then you die slowly within, filled with shame. 
But then, before you worry yourself, stop and read slowly: 

1Cor. 7: 25-28
"Well then, I believe that in these present times of stress this is right: that it is good for a man to stay as he is. If you are tied to a wife, do not look for freedom; if you are free of a wife, then do not look for one. But if you marry, it is no sin, and it is not a sin for a young girl to get married. They will have their troubles, though, in their married life, and I should like to spare you that... A wife is tied as long as her husband is alive. But if the husband dies, she is free to marry anybody she likes, only it must be in the Lord. She would be happier, in my opinion, if she stayed as she is..."


1. One fact about life is that marriage is not for all! Not all who desire it, get it. God made it so. Hence, it is NOT a sin to be married or a bad omen to be single or not married.

2. All forms of life (married or single) have their challenges, and the challenges multiply according to one's preconceived desires before choosing it. Ask yourself: Why do I want to marry? I hope it's not because of sex or the status: "married".

3. You cry daily: I want to marry! O my dear, I ask you: are you prepared for it? Will you marry yourself? You want to answer "married"; is marriage a title? I want to have children! Are children assets to acquire? Children are gifts, no one has the right to have children! Children are gifts! Gifts are not merits, but favor!

4. Marriage involves a lifelong loving relationship with perseverance; can you boast of a loving and enduring friendship with others? You can't give what you don't have!

5. Have you been jilted or conned by those you love? Sorry, that is not the end of the road of love, such persons aren't for you! You need that experience to be a true and faithful disciple of Jesus; for true disciples are qualified when they endure trials and tribulations!

5. You think you have a spiritual problem: like spiritual husband or wife; or under a curse or evil (family) covenant? I tell you from my experience in deliverance ministry that Spiritual problems are easier to overcome than physical, psychological, emotional, and behavioral problems people have! By the power of God's anointing people are made free, chains of bondages are broken; evil covenants are undone! But other forms of problems require much: Counselling, a positive disposition to change one's negative behaviors and ideas; and the firm disposition to adopt new positive behaviors and ideas.

5. Consequences of actions are passed down not curses! No "curses" meant for your ancestors for their evil acts can pass to their generations in the future for the Bible says it is the soul that sins that shall die (Ezekiel 18:20) but "consequences" of their bad actions can affect the future. Pay attention here: "curses" and "consequences" are not the same thing! To know more about this read my post on CHRISTIANITY IN AFRICA AND THE REALITY OF ANCESTRAL CURSE: REAL OR HOAX?

Curses are an omen, bad or evil things inflicted upon someone! But consequences here mean the result of an action which is usually concrete.
Consequences normally have physical or psychological effects, not Spiritual effects!

6. Are you married, be faithful to your spouse and endure your marital challenges with Hope and Love for you shall account for it on the Last day: don't insult directly or indirectly your unmarried fellows.

7. If you're single and desiring marriage, pray for it. God will bless you with it at His time; and while you pray "protect marriages" don't go about destroying what you're praying for.

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  1. God bless you Padre, your words of encouragement and morals got me relieved.
    I am still single but am not in a hurry to get married, I get humiliated by my peers about my singleness, but I do ignore them and keep praying.
    I think god time is ybt best.
    God bless you

    1. Thank you fo the feedback. May God lead you to the man of your dreams. Amen


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