Do you realise that the best time to confuse, combat and defeat the evil one is at your hour of sorrows and cross? But sadly this is the hour many are more confused, downcast and fearful! Have you asked yourself why Jesus while praying at the hour of his passion described his SUFFERING as GLORY? (John 27:1-2).

If you're in doubt read slowly (Acts 16:23; 25-30)

[Paul and Silas] were given many lashes and then thrown into prison, and the gaoler was told to keep a close watch on them...Late that night Paul and Silas were praying and singing God’s praises, while the other prisoners listened. Suddenly there was an earthquake that shook the prison to its foundations. All the doors flew open and the chains fell from all the prisoners. When the gaoler woke and saw the doors wide open he drew his sword and was about to commit suicide, presuming that the prisoners had escaped. But Paul shouted at the top of his voice, ‘Don’t do yourself any harm; we are all here.’

1. The evil one normally projects moments of suffering to discourage and frustrate the Work of God in your life and that of others, to make you complain, loose faith and confidence in God. Once you fall for that trick, he gets hold of you!

2. But to confuse the evil one, you must learn to convert that evil to good, sorrow to praise by changing it's "name" and "mood" as Paul and Silas did! Rather than weepin they converted their Shouts of Pain to Shouts of Praise.

3. To make you realise this tactic confuses the evil one: see Job's second trial (Job 2:1-10). After all his devastating experience of loosing family and wealth, his undaunted Faith and Trust in God confused the devil who had to go back to God to seek another permission to use another tactic!

4. He who sings well prays twice says St. Augustine because the best worship we can render to God is praise! When you praise God kindoms are shaken, chains are broken and the evil looses his power in shame and trembling because you remind him of his former position which he can never ever attain!

TASK: Now pray Psalm 149 converting all your sorrows to praise of God and taking the Sword of the Praise to defeat every satanic strongholds. May the Lord takes delight and be moved by your praises. Amen

© Fr. SimOne Madu, OSJ

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